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We make smaller better, faster

We make smaller better, faster


We make blades sharper, better


Looking to regain your competitive edge?  Let Orenda sharpen your dull discs or provide you with new ones.  We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art CNC sharpening machinery. We sharpen pulverizer/micronizer discs, blades, granulator knives and other precision parts. Our in-house team of experts can modify, repair and sharpen any cutting component used in pelletizing, granulating or pulverizing/micronizing equipment. This helps to increasing component life and production rates.  We provide fast turnaround times on disk sharpening and stock a complete line of replacement disks.


Wear-resistant coatings available upon request.


Orenda provides sharpening services for:

  • Pulverizing/micronizing discs/blades for all models and types of pulverizers/micronizers including Wedco, Herbold, Pallmann, Reduction Engineering, Powder King, Zerma and others
  • Disc segments
  • Granulator knives 
  • Pelletizing rotors