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We make smaller better, faster

We make smaller better, faster


Our services keep you in service


Orenda offers a broad range of highly specialized technical expertise and services geared towards those in the size-reduction business.  In addition to providing superior after sales support, our qualified and highly skilled technical group is adept at providing solutions for even the most difficult problems you may be having.  Whether you have pulverizers, grinders or conveying equipment from Orenda, or equipment from other manufacturers, we provide a full range of services that ensure high production rates, quality material and ease of maintenance.  Orenda provides the following services:


  • Manufacturing of new pulverizer/micronizer discs/blades, segments, pelletizer rotors and granulator knives
  • Sharpening of most makes of pulverizer/micronizer discs/blades, segments, pelletizer rotors and granulator knives
  • Coating of pulverizing/micronizing discs with wear-resistant materials
  • Provision of parts for most makes of pulverizing/micronizing equipment.
  • Guidance in all aspects of the pulverizing/micronizing process so that your equipment can be fine-tuned to function at peak efficiency   
  • Automation and upgrades to older pulverizers / miconizers, size-reduction equipment, rotomolding machinery and extruders

Pre-owned Equipment

The next best thing to being new


In addition to manufacturing and selling custom-built plastic pulverizers / micronizers, granulating and conveying equipment, Orenda also sells pre-owned and refurbished equipment. When purchasing pre-owned or refurbished, used equipment from us, you will receive the same high level of customer service as if you were buying one of our new, custom-built systems.  We also provide maintenance and service for all major makes and manufacturers.


Contact us for additional information on pre-owned equipment for sale.